Novice Training


We hold novice training every Tuesday from 5pm to 8pm in University Place. It’s suitable for everyone and provides a relaxed and fun environment for both those either starting out and those who are more seasoned to practice and learn fundamental debating skills. It’s conducted by our Novice Training Officer.

We aim to compile a range of materials which should give an overview and explanation of the main subjects within debating for a variety of different ability and experience levels. Attending our novice training sessions is the most common way people become engaged in our society, so do drop by!

Our format

Debates can take many forms! In the MDU, we specialise in British Parliamentary, which is by far the most popular format used in competitions both in the UK and in large international tournaments. It’s a fun and suitable format for anyone starting out.


If you’re keen to do some independent reading, a former training officer at the MDU has compiled an ultimate introduction to British Parliamentary debating. But of course, we recommend that you come along to our training sessions as well!