An Overview of Training

The Manchester Debating Union is dedicated to offering accessible training to all university students based in Manchester. Our workshops will both cover the fundamentals of debating and public speaking, as well as offer a more tailored look into becoming a competitive university debater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

  • I’m not a strong public speaker– what can the MDU offer me? 
    Our members join us for a diversity of reasons, and not all of us are born as confident public speakers! However, we at the MDU believe that everyone can benefit from debating even if they are not necessarily keen on becoming competitive. Debating has the capacity to vastly improve skills like critical thinking and confidence in public speaking. So, come along even if you’re unsure; we’re certain the our union has a place for you!
  • Where are the training sessions held?
    Both our Monday advanced sessions and Tuesday novice sessions are held in University Place at the University of Manchester. You can check the events in our Facebook page or subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get the room number!
  • How often are the training sessions?
    Advanced training sessions are held every Monday from 6:00-8:00pm. Novice training sessions are held every Tuesday from 5:00-8:00pm. After Tuesday sessions, the MDU also heads out for a informal social to unwind. Feel free to come along!
  • What does a typical training session look like?
    In a typical training session, the training officer will conduct a workshop or drills that aim to help people learn and refine debating techniques. Afterwards, we love to have practice debates where we split into smaller groups!

To learn more, visit our Novice Training and Advanced Training pages.

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