Welcome Week: This house regrets the legacy of Margaret Thatcher

Motion: This house regrets the legacy of Margaret Thatcher #

Kim Singleton, General Secretary of the Socialist Labour Party
Graham Stringer, Labour Party MP for Manchester Blackley, Manchester City Council leader during Margaret Thatcher’s Government

Graham Brady, MP for Altrincham and West Sale and chairman of the 1922 committee
Jack Mellish, Externals Officer for the MDU

Result: Motion passed.
Best question from the audience: How far did Thatcher contribute to the demonisation of the unemployed?

Welcome Week: This house believes porn empowers women

Motion: This house believes porn empowers women #
Proposition: Dr Jude Roberts (University of London) and Renee Richards, former porn actress and 2008 Best Actress winner at the UK Adult Film and Television Awards
Opposition: Lisa Clarke (No More Page 3 campaigner) and Emma Bean (Treasurer of MDU)

Result: Motion passed.

Photography: Manting Chen