Committee 2014/15

Executive election 2014/15 results.

We’re happy to announce the remainder of the committee for the MDU 2014/2015:

Katie McKellar – Competitions Coordinator
Jack Mellish – Training Coordinator
Chloe Romanis – Equity Officer
Martin Browne – Socials Officer
Alex Treece and Joshua Robinson – Communications team
Conor Ardill – Externals Officer
Laura Smith and Ria Basu – IV Conveners
Rose Black – Schools Convener

Thank you to everyone who applied, many of the positions were very difficult for us to decide on, and best of luck to all on the committee!

Welcome Week: This house regrets the legacy of Margaret Thatcher

Motion: This house regrets the legacy of Margaret Thatcher #

Kim Singleton, General Secretary of the Socialist Labour Party
Graham Stringer, Labour Party MP for Manchester Blackley, Manchester City Council leader during Margaret Thatcher’s Government

Graham Brady, MP for Altrincham and West Sale and chairman of the 1922 committee
Jack Mellish, Externals Officer for the MDU

Result: Motion passed.
Best question from the audience: How far did Thatcher contribute to the demonisation of the unemployed?