DWF Manchester IV 2015

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With over 250 people involved in this years Manchester IV, it promises to DWF Manchester IV 2015be a huge weekend for debating. Our CA team consists of  Adam Hawksbee, Amanda Moorghen, Cerys Bradley and Daan Welling, coupled our equity officer Fiona Brittle  – all eminent speakers & judges.


  • Pro-Am Break Winners: Birmingham Regina
    Speakers: Becki Howarth and Katie Ratcliffe
  • ESL Break Winners: Leiden A                           Click here for the ESL Final Video!
    Speakers: Roel Becker and Sarah Rust
  • Open Final Competitors:
    OG – Strathclyde A                  OO – Oxford SC
    CG – Cambridge WW               CO – Karaoke Tiebreaker
  • Winners of the Manchester IV 2015: Cambridge WW
    Speakers: Ashish Kumar and Michael Dunn

Congratulations to all the teams & speakers involved!

CA Workshops Playlist:


Day One
  • Round 1: This House believes that the EU should openly fund secular, pro democracy and pro human rights political parties and civil society groups in countries with oppressive regimes
  • Round 2: This House believes that the NAACP* should publicly condemn white artists who appropriate black culture.
    *National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, an advocacy group for African-Americans
  • Round 3: This House believes that companies that produce pornography should be run by a co-operative of their female performers
  • Round 4: This House would transfer complete strategic control of the NHS to a body of experts, appointed by experienced medical practitioners and not accountable to Parliament
  • Round 5: This House believes that Governments should not publicly discuss anti-terror laws and state security in the wake of terrorist attacks
Day Two
  • Quarter-Finals: This House, as an up and coming female artist, would publicly decline a leading role in a Roman Polanski film [an info slide was provided]
  • Semi-Finals: This House would criminalise the the use and creation of unauthorised anonymous communication providers and network browsers [an info slide was provided]
  • Pro-Am Final: This House believes that states should not commemorate the veterans of conflicts that are now considered to be unjustified
  • ESL Final: This House believes that, even if human life could be extended indefinitely, society should choose to end each individuals life at 100 years
  • Open Final: This House welcomes the rise of the far left in continental Europe (e.g. Syriza, Podemos)

Manchester IV Video:

 Competition Photos: