Manchester wins the Oxford IV

Huge congratulations to Jacklin Kwan and Lucie Slamova for winning the final of the Oxford IV 2020! Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the competition was held online. The final motion read “This House regrets the narrative that there exists no objective truth” and the debate can be watched on YouTube where Jacklin and Lucie were the second proposition team (closing government). Also in the final were teams from LSE, TCD Hist, and McGill.

On top of winning the final, Jacklin and Lucie ranked 5th and 8th best speaker at the competition respectively.

Manchester IV, 2013

This year, the Manchester IV was held on 23-24th February 2013.


  • Becky Montacute
  • Sam Dumitriu
  • Emma Bean

CA team:

  • Andrew Tuffin, DCA of Manchester Euros 2013, Quarter Finalist at Manila Worlds 2012
  • Michael O’Dwyer, WUDC Semi-Finalist
  • Tomas Beerthuis, ESL Semi-Finalist at Manila WUDC 2012 and Galway EUDC 2011
  • Lindsay Bing, Top 10 Speaker at Belgrade EUDC 2012


  • Harry McEvansoneya and Andrew Linn

R1: THBT single parents sent to prison should be able to raise their children in prison.
R2: TH, as Israel, would grant exemptions from compulsory military service to all and only those citizens that give up their right to vote.
R3: TH approves of the New York Post’s decision to publish the subway photograph ‘Doomed’.
R4: TH approves of the USA’s policy of extra-judicial killing of terrorists.
R5: THBT at least 50% of the Legislature (Parliament) should be appointed by a socially representative random draw from the general population.
QF: THBT states should disband their armed forces and use PMCs as and when necessary
SF & ESL Final: THBT the unemployed, living in areas of high unemployment and low private investment, should relocate to areas where their employment is more likely in order to keep their benefits.
F: THBT David Cameron should have offered the British electorate a referendum on EU membership.

Photography by Jonathan Lee