Committee 2014/15

Executive election 2014/15 results.

We’re happy to announce the remainder of the committee for the MDU 2014/2015:

Katie McKellar – Competitions Coordinator
Jack Mellish – Training Coordinator
Chloe Romanis – Equity Officer
Martin Browne – Socials Officer
Alex Treece and Joshua Robinson – Communications team
Conor Ardill – Externals Officer
Laura Smith and Ria Basu – IV Conveners
Rose Black – Schools Convener

Thank you to everyone who applied, many of the positions were very difficult for us to decide on, and best of luck to all on the committee!

Video: Where next for peace in Israel-Palestine?

From our discussion panel event: Where next for peace in Israel-Palestine?

With ongoing peace talks coming under increasing scrutiny the Israel Palestine Forum and Manchester Debating Union ask, where next for peace in the region?

With ever expanding settlements in the West Bank is the two state solution still feasible? Can a Hamas controlled Gaza ever cease hostilities against Israel? How can security be maintained without impinging on Palestinian sovereignty?

Video: This house would ban all forms of animal research

Below is our video for our public debate: This house would ban all forms of animal research.

Animal Research is an incredibly sensitive topic to many, and is not often openly debated in public between those that carry out that research, and those who are against it.

The Big Animal Research debate brings together student debaters and academics to debate the motion: “This House Would Ban All Forms of Animal Research”.