The MDU goes to Athens

The Manchester Debating Union travelled to Athens, Greece for the European Universities Debating Championship this week, the largest debating competition in Europe! The competition saw over two hundred of the top teams in Europe compete in nine rounds of debate.

The MDU had a great time speaking and socialising with other debaters on the circuit, and exploring the city of Athens.

MDUxMUN Charity Debate

The Manchester Debating Union and Model United Nations Society faced off charity! Each society supported a charity of their choosing, and debated on the motion: This House would remove all legal distinctions between economic migrants and refugees.

Two of our speakers, Will Allsopp and Yusuf Steel, represented the MDU in Opposition. The MDU gave the proceeds it raised to ‘Healing Venezuela’, a UK-registered charity that aims to deliver crucial healthcare supplies to Venezuela.

Artificial Intelligence Debate

The Manchester Debating Union collaborated with the AI and Machine Learning Society to host a public debate! The motion was: This House supports the creation and use of lethal autonomous robots.

Speaking in Proposition was Rudolfs Treilis, the advanced training officer of the MDU, and Mateusz Wasilewski, one of our members. In Opposition was Jacklin Kwan, the president of the MDU, and Constantinos Kamvysis. The debate tackled a wide range of the technical details of machine learning and AI, as well as the ethical implications of such technology in warfare.

The debate was chaired by Patrick Ryan.