Manchester IV, 2013

This year, the Manchester IV was held on 23-24th February 2013.


  • Becky Montacute
  • Sam Dumitriu
  • Emma Bean

CA team:

  • Andrew Tuffin, DCA of Manchester Euros 2013, Quarter Finalist at Manila Worlds 2012
  • Michael O’Dwyer, WUDC Semi-Finalist
  • Tomas Beerthuis, ESL Semi-Finalist at Manila WUDC 2012 and Galway EUDC 2011
  • Lindsay Bing, Top 10 Speaker at Belgrade EUDC 2012


  • Harry McEvansoneya and Andrew Linn

R1: THBT single parents sent to prison should be able to raise their children in prison.
R2: TH, as Israel, would grant exemptions from compulsory military service to all and only those citizens that give up their right to vote.
R3: TH approves of the New York Post’s decision to publish the subway photograph ‘Doomed’.
R4: TH approves of the USA’s policy of extra-judicial killing of terrorists.
R5: THBT at least 50% of the Legislature (Parliament) should be appointed by a socially representative random draw from the general population.
QF: THBT states should disband their armed forces and use PMCs as and when necessary
SF & ESL Final: THBT the unemployed, living in areas of high unemployment and low private investment, should relocate to areas where their employment is more likely in order to keep their benefits.
F: THBT David Cameron should have offered the British electorate a referendum on EU membership.

Photography by Jonathan Lee

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