Useful Links

As good as the MDU is at debating, we can’t do everything ourselves. The only way to get better is to constantly expand and read more about the world, and about debating. We recommend the links below as potentially useful in your quest to improve your debating skills and knowledge.


The Economist: A good world events magazine. The University of Manchester has a username and password for areas which require subscription. If you are having difficulty with access, contact the Training Director.

We also recommend following these newspapers and magazines:




  • Debatabase: For pro-cons. Useful for pre-released motions or if you want general information. Note: tournaments do not usually allow the use of electronical devices during prep time.
  • YouDebate: Has a very American flavour. Some is more entertaining than useful.


Mailing Lists

If you want to keep in touch with the debating world in general, BD and EUDC are the two most useful mailing lists to sign up for.

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