Training Resources

We aim to compile a range of materials which should give an overview and explanation of the main subjects within debating for a variety of different ability and experience levels. The topics relate closely to those covered in our own training workshops.

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Additional Resources

Basic guide to debating:
Debating Intro
First Opposition
First Proposition

Intermediate guide to debating:
Political Theory in Debating: General
Political Theory in Debating I
Political Theory in Debating II


IV: Inter-varsity. A tournament where entry is restricted to universities only without any inter-institutional teams.
Open: A tournament which anyone may enter, with any team mate.
IONA: Islands of the North Atlantic. United Kingdom + Ireland. The Irish get a little annoyed it people say that they are British. This is a more neutral term.
Worlds: World University Debating Championships.
Euros: European University Debating Championships.
Tab: The scoring system for an IV. Two scores are normally recorded: team points (for the team’s position in the room) and speaker points (awarded on an individual basis).
CA: Chief Adjudicator (of an IV/Open).
Convenor: The person who organises and runs an IV.
The break: An IV will have rounds which everyone participates in (usually 3-5 rounds) before ‘breaking’ to quarters, semis or straight to a final.
Bin/bin room: A room in the final round where everyone is competing, but where no-one in the room has enough points to ‘break’.
Speaks: The number of speaker points a person has been awarded. Either scored out of 30 or 100.