How you become a member

The MDU is at the forefront of the Students’ Union as one of the largest and most active societies. Becoming a member of the MDU grants you the opportunity to really get involved in University life.

Amongst other things, the MDU is dedicated to debating interesting topical issues, improving the debating skills and abilities of its members, and last, but not least, having a blast in the process!

We will help you to:

  • Speak confidently in front of an audience;
  • Analyse, construct, and deconstruct arguments from different points of view;
  • Win support for your own point of view;
  • Gain a better understanding and insight into current issues.

MDU Membership Options

£10 membership entitles you to 1 years worth of training.

£15 membership entitles you to 1 years worth of training & you can compete at the many IV’s and Opens we send members to.

£35 membership entitles you to training & competition access for the entirety of your undergraduate course.

. Click here if you’d like to sign up online!

If you’d prefer cash and missed sign-up during Freshers’, come and talk to us at one of our Tuesday or Thursday events, or email our Secretary, Niall Graham.

During September, lifetime membership is half-price!

So, what does membership entitle you to?

  • Tuesday training sessions;
  • If selected, sponsored trips to international and domestic debating competitions;
  • If selected, subsidised travel to world or European championships;
  • An invitation to all debating activities over your time as a student in Manchester.

We look forward to having you as a member.