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Executive Hustings and Elections

April 14, 2015 @ 5:00 pm / 6:30 pm

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— Executive Hustings and Elections —

Join us on the 14th of April for our executive hustings and elections. This is open to all paid members. If you have not paid membership and would like to join the MDU please contact our treasurer Mhairi at treasurer@mdu.manchester.ac.uk. This is the time where we elect the members of the committee who will be leading the MDU across the next academic year. It’s important as many of you as possible attend to have the most democratic outcome possible. (You can’t buy membership at the hustings!).

Please bring your membership cards if you have one, if not we will also be checking membership on the door.

You can only vote if you are at the meeting, we do not accept postal votes. Lifetime members are free to come back and vote!

If you would like to run for any of the 5 positions: President, Chair, Treasurer, Publicity and Secretary, please contact the chair, Declan, on chair@mdu.manchester.ac.uk informing him of the role you would like to stand for, and attaching manifestos (if desired), to the email.

There will be manifestos available, limited to 500 words for per candidate per position, of standard 12 point text with no images. These can be submitted from now until Midnight on Saturday 14th March. This is to give members ample opportunity to read and ask candidates about their aims, in the week before and after the Easter Holidays. Manifestos are not a pre-requisite to running, candidates will be eligible to stand for positions up until the election itself.

There will be a hustings for each of the 5 positions, in which you can ask the candidates questions about what they will be doing for the MDU if they were to be elected.

The elections are run as a secret ballot, using the First Past the Post system, with the chairman holding the casting vote in the event of a tie.

Candidates must be in attendance at the elections to run.


The executive is the elected head of the Committee, beyond their individual roles the executives responsibilities are to:

– Provide guidance and oversight for the committee.
– Choose the committee after executive elections.
– Ensure the society is kept running in all of it’s aspects.

All members of the executive are expected to regularly attend MDU events, of an average of 2 a week, this includes the annual Schools competition and the annual IV, and regular attendance to committee meetings. These roles are sizeable commitments which can often require up to an hour a day, however it is an excellent experience and give you the chance to shape the society and to promote discourse and discussion within Manchester.

The elections will be held in the order below, members can run for multiple positions however they are elected in the below order. E.g. You can run for Chair and Secretary, however if you win Chair you can no longer stand to be Secretary.

***President*** (Pre-requisite: Have been a standing member of committee for 1 full term.)

– Have a vision and set of aims for the society
– Responsibility to ensure all members of the committee (exec and non exec) put in the necessary work to fulfil these aims. Whilst president has oversight of the whole committee (including chair), the President focuses on competitive debating at the MDU (with the chair focusing on public debates).
– Plan ahead and help other committee members to do so
– Represent the MDU at NAMDA and NUDC council
– Managing relations between the MDU and political societies, liberation groups, Mancunion and UMSU as a whole.

***Chair*** (Pre-requisite: Have organised at least one public debate, have attended at least 2 IVs).

Oversees the organisation of, and chairs, public debates.
• Sets motions, with the aid of house committee and Externals Officer
• Works with Externals Officer to find speakers.
Manages the internal organisation of the MDU.
– Organises and chairs Exec, Committee and House
– Managed and mediates relations between committee members.
Committee meetings
– Ensures committee members have support when required/requested in their roles.
Organises and books all room bookings required for:
– Schools
– Public Debates
– Training
– Any ad-hoc room bookings.


Manages the society’s finances and is responsible for the society’s financial health.
– Ensures a budget is created and maintained for the society, ratified by committee.
– Ensures individual budgets are given to each area that requires one.
– Provides advice on the societies finances.
– Pays/reimburses outgoing costs in the day-to-day running of the MDU.
– Applies for funding from UMSU for MDU events.

***Publicity Officer***

Responsible for ensuring all of the societies events and the society itself is advertised including:
– Creation of a Term Card.
– Weekly public debates.
– Tuesday debate workshops.
– Freshers events.
– Another other ad-hoc publicity.

The Publicity Officer also runs the communications team, having direct oversight over comms and ensuring their responsibilities are carried out.


– Finding and securing sponsorship for the MDU.
– Managing relationships with sponsorship partners.
– Arranging and minuting Committee meetings.
– Ensuring tasks from meetings are carried out by committee members.
The Secretary is responsible for committee meetings and ensuring tasks set out for committee members are completed. They have regular attendance at public debates, training sessions, and committee meetings.

For full information on elections please see our constitution: http://mdu.manchester.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/MDU-Constitution.pdf

If anyone has any questions about any of the roles please don’t hesitate to speak to current members of the executive for advice on what the role entails!


April 14, 2015
5:00 pm / 6:30 pm
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