Motions 2013/14

  • THW legalise all drugs
  • THB porn empowers women
  • TH regrets the legacy of Margaret Thatcher
  • TH fears the rise of China
  • THB capitalism has failed
  • THW ban all forms of animal research
  • THB internet piracy is justified
  • THW legalise cannibalism
  • TH regrets the Arab Spring
  • THW end No Platform
  • THW not believe in God
  • THW create artificial intelligence
  • THW legalise assisted dying
  • THB only you are entitled to the fruits of your own labour
  • THB aid does more harm than good
  • Where next for Israel-Palestine?
  • TH has no faith in Her Majesty’s Government
  • TH welcomes the use of gender quotas
  • THW boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics
  • TH supports the use of fracking in the UK
  • THW privatise the NHS

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