Positions Explained


  1. President
  2. Chair
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Publicity Officer


  1. Competitions Officer
  2. Training Officer
  3. Schools Convenor
  4. IV Convenor
  5. Communications Officer
  6. Equity Officer
  7. Social Secretary
  8. Externals Officer

(2013/14: The Head Convenor was in charge of both Schools and the IV.)


The President’s main role is to have a vision and set of aims for the society and ensure all members put in the necessary work to achieve this. The President is the MDU representative in both NAMDA and English Council.


The Chair organises the public debates, manages the internal organisation of the MDU, and assists the convenors with certain aspects of their tournaments.


The Secretary is responsible for committee meetings and ensuring tasks set out for committee members are completed. They have regular attendance at public debates, training sessions, and committee meetings.


The Treasurer controls the society’s finances and is responsible for the society’s financial health.


Publicity Officer
The Publicity Officer is responsible for all MDU promotion and advertising.


Director of Debating
The Director of Debating is in charge of selecting teams to attend IV and Open competitions, across the UK and internationally.


Training Director
The Training Director is in charge of regular training sessions as well as additional sessions for events such as WUDC or EUDC.


Schools Convenor
The Schools Convenor involves running two competitions: the National Schools and the Local Schools.


IV Convenor
The IV Convenor is held by a single person or jointly by two. It involves planning, organising, and executing Manchester’s annual debating tournament, the Manchester IV.


Communications Officer
The Communications Officer is in charge of maintaining the website and mailing list.


Equity Officer
To advise on matters of equity and inclusion. In charge of running and maintaining projects to improve the inclusion of parts of the student community who are currently under represented in debating. To act as a liaison between Union liberation/diversity officers.

Social Secretary
The Social Secretary’s role is to organise socials that will appeal to new members, as well as current, with the principal aim of encouraging membership growth throughout the year.